MWC Shanghai 2023

MWC Shanghai

MWC Shanghai serves as a platform where world-leading companies and trailblazers come together to share the latest thought leadership on the progression and future of connectivity.

With China’s borders reopened, the in-person show returns this June to Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre.





Join GSMA Intelligence at the Event

GSMA Intelligence analysts will be speaking at MWC Shanghai, sharing their expertise and insights on key industry topics such as 5G, digital economy, spectrum, cloud and sustainability. Here are the sessions where you can catch our analysts in action:

  • 5G Futures Summit : Register your interest  
    With sessions covering 5G mmWave and 5G-Advanced Industry Solutions and Intelligent Networking featuring GSMA Intelligence Analysts Pau Castells and Pablo Iacopino.
    DATE: 2023-06-30 | 09:00 – 14:20
    LOCATION: Kerry Hotel Pudong, Level 3, Pudong Ballroom 5 – 7
  • GigaGreen Industry Roundtable : Register your interest
    Huawei ‘s day zero forum starts the day before the event featuring GSMA Intelligence Analyst Emmanuel Kolta
    DATE: 2023-06-27 | 10:00 – 11:30
    LOCATION: Huawei Booth, Hall N1


GSMA Intelligence Attendees

Pau Castells, Head of Economic Analysis – Contact Pau

Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research and Commercial Content – Contact Pablo

Emanuel Kolta, Lead Analyst, Network Sustainability – Contact Emanuel



Date: Thu, 29 Sep: 16:30 – 17:30 PDT

Location: Level 2, W229, WEST HALL

With network virtualization, 5G and IoT, operators can potentially increase revenue from their networks. However, to fully unleash its potential requires dynamic management.

Mobile carriers are continuing down the path to zero-touch networks automation with the promised potential to eliminate manual errors, improve operational efficiency and reduce time to market for new services, but key questions need to be addressed.

  • Where should automation start, and how close are we ready to fully get human intervention out of the networks?
  • Does zero-touch network offer a glimpse into Open RAN multi-vendor interface and enables orchestration of network slices with the performance guarantees?
  • And when will self-driving networks for 5G and beyond finally meet the expanding needs of a digital future?

Join Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence, as he explores answers to these questions and more on the topic with the top industry figures.

Session Speakers: 

  • Cristina Rodriguez, VP & General Manager, Wireless Access Networking Division, Intel
  • Murali Gandluru, VP Strategy, Product & GTM, Software Networking, IBM
  • Rob Soni, Head of RAN Architecture, VMware

  • Vara Prasad, Principal Consultant AWS ProServe Team, AWS

  • Zia Syed, President, Symworld Platform, Rakuten Symphony

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5G mmWave Summit 2022 @ MWC Las Vegas

5G mmWave Summit @ MWC Las Vegas 2022


GSMA member services together with GSMA Intelligence, brings you the 5G mmWave Summit on 29 September 2022 at MWC Las Vegas.


Join in to understand how 5G mmWave is unlocking the full potential of 5G and hear about deployment best practice from some of the industry’s leading experts including Head of GSMA Intelligence – Peter Jarich

This event is aimed to explore how 5G mmWave is unlocking the full potential of 5G, and to hear about deployment best practice from some of the industry’s leading experts.

Between now and 2025, a staggering $5 trillion will be contributed to the global economy by mobile technologies and services – with 1 billion 5G connections forecast by the end of 2022 alone (source GSMA Intelligence).

5G mmWave is a key element of the 5G technology mix, providing maximum data capacity at very high speeds and very low latency –thereby facilitating reliable and high-quality connectivity in busy areas and for high-traffic scenarios, such as densely populated residential areas, public transport hubs, large entertainment venues and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in homes.


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MWC Las Vegas 2022

MWC Las Vegas 2022

This year, MWC takes up a new home in the West Hall at Las Vegas Convention Center – a stunning venue that offers attendees a range of amazing facilities for a brand-new experience:

  • 600,000 square feet of exhibition space
  • 150,000 square feet of meeting rooms
  • State-of-the-art air quality for ultimate safety
  • Convenient location to the airport and all the city’s landmarks



Join GSMA Intelligence Members at the event

  • Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence
  • Emanuel Kolta, Senior Analyst, Network Sustainability and Innovation
  • Christina Patsioura, Lead Analyst, IoT & Enterprise

Reasons to attend MWC Las Vegas 2022

Unearth the latest innovations in technology. Discover the hottest themes that will advance our industry. And network with disruptors and thought leaders who will drive society forward to create deeper and more meaningful ways to connect. Join us as we gather our ecosystem and explore the many reasons why you should attend MWC Las Vegas, including:

  • Expert thought leadership
  • An inspiring exhibition floor
  • Countless networking opportunities



Unwrapped Digital Event Series

In this latest webinar series, our analysts and industry experts talk more about Standalone 5G deployments in 2022 and going forward.

Next-Generation Networks

Mobile World Live in partnership with GSMA Intelligence is excited to announce Unwrapped – a new, innovative digital event series. 

This online event offers a full week of exclusive live content, featuring daily keynote interviews, panel discussions and webinars. Hosting preeminent authorities and top executives from companies leading the way in their fields to discuss, debate and deliberate key trends and topics facing the industry today. Unwrapped offers two series of events kickstarting from October with Next-Generation Networks.


One big theme, five great topics.

The first Unwrapped event will bring the latest information about networks and diving into detail across a range of topics:

  • 5G & 5G Advanced
  • Open Architectures
  • 6G
  • Energy Sustainability
  • Cloud & Edge

Find out how to get involved and be part of the event… 

Open for Debate: Is the Industry Moving Fast Enough on Standalone 5G?

In this latest webinar series, our analysts and industry experts talk more about Standalone 5G deployments in 2022 and going forward.

In many ways, the fundamental 5G value proposition rests on a deployment of Standalone 5G. Today’s non-Standalone deployments have delivered some incredible new services, but much of the 5G digital transformation promise relies on features and use cases that are only fully realized with Standalone 5G networks. And yet, even as we approach one billion 5G subscriptions globally, Standalone 5G network launches still number just over twenty.

The industry expects Standalone 5G deployments to accelerate in 2022 and going forward. Deployment momentum, however, will rest on the answer to some key questions.

  • Deployment: What has held up Standalone 5G deployments so far?
  • Support? What will drive new deployments? What does the industry need to do in order to support them?
  • Future Growth? Hype and promise aside, what will Standalone truly deliver? And, can that translate into new revenue growth?

GSMA Intelligence analysts and special guests answer these questions (and more) leveraging our own research, our latest work with operators, and insights from the ecosystem.


  • Mathew Iji, Director of Forecasting & Modelling
  • Radhika Gupta, Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence
  • Tim Hatt, Head of Research and Consulting,  GSMA Intelligence
  • Zahid Ghadialy, Principal Analyst and Consultant, 3G4G


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Open for Debate: Fixed Wireless Access vs. The Metaverse

In this webinar series, we explore key market trends to answer complex questions building on our research and insights from market experts. Our analysts and expert guest discussed the FWA and Metaverse opportunities, including a number of key questions. Find out more...

Click here to Download: FWA vs Metaverse GSMAi Presentation2022 

In an increasingly digital world, operators are faced with a myriad of new strategic priorities to pursue and business opportunities to explore. Deciding where to put their time and attention (not to mention investment funds) requires an understanding of technology trajectories, customer demands, monetization options, and regulatory environments, not to mention the opportunity costs of NOT pursuing some markets.

As 5G has moved from its infancy into relative maturity, the GSMA Intelligence team has been exploring two such opportunities – Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and The Metaverse.

At first glance, the two spaces might seem completely different from one another. Fixed Wireless services have been offered for many years, with the core value proposition being simple connectivity. The Metaverse, on the other hand, is still an emerging concept which looks to leverage broadband connectivity to provide immersive experiences. Yet, both represent technology and service trends that operators need to understand, and opportunities they may want to pursue…or decide to actively ignore.

In this “Open for Debate” webinar series, GSMA Intelligence analysts explore key market trends to answer complex questions building on our research and insights from market experts. For this iteration, we discussed the FWA and Metaverse opportunities, including a number of key questions.

  • Why now. FWA services are not  new. The Metaverse is still very conceptual. Why are both getting so much focus in 2022?
  • Today’s FWA Opportunity. What’s the business case for 5G FWA? How (and when) can it improve an operator’s fixed broadband service offer?
  • Tomorrow’s Metaverse. What is the size of the potential Metaverse business opportunity? What parts of the opportunity can operators tap?
  • Risks, Regulations, and Dependencies. What could go wrong as operators pursue FWA or Metaverse strategies? How does regulation play a role?

In a world of infinite time and resources, operators would be able to pursue every potentially lucrative market opportunity that presents itself. In the real world, they need to make educated decisions about where to focus.


  • Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence
  • Radhika Gupta, Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence
  • Federico Agnoletto, Senior Economist, GSMA Intelligence
  • Kausik Ray Chaudhuri, Vice President, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Click here to Download: FWA vs Metaverse GSMAi Presentation2022 

GSMA Intelligence at MWC Barcelona 2019

GSMA Intelligence played an active role at MWC19 Barcelona with a large presence from our analyst team across all areas of the event. Please see our high-level agenda:

Sunday, 24 February 2019:

  • The 8th Mobile IoT Summit: For the first year, GSMA Intelligence demoed findings from our IoT Enterprise Survey and featured our large breadth of IoT research. Principal IoT Analyst Sylwia Kechiche was on-site, along with Head of Data Modelling Calum Dewar, to meet with industry attendees. The featured demo is available here.

Monday, 25 February 2019:

  • Official Launch of the Mobile Economy 2019: The GSMA Mobile Economy series provides the latest insights on the state of the mobile industry worldwide. Produced by our renowned in-house research team, GSMA Intelligence, these reports contain a range of technology, socio-economic and financial datasets, including forecasts out to 2025. Download the report here.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019:

  • Main Conference: ‘AI at the Edge vs in the Cloud’ , Moderated by Peter Jarich (Head of GSMA Intelligence): This session debated the prospects and use cases for AI at the edge vs in the cloud, and offered vital insight for operators who are developing implementation models. Find out more about this session here.
  • MWC in Focus: Hosted by GSMA Intelligence, in partnership with CNN, this event explored all the developments at #MWC19, and reflect on what it means for the year ahead. This session was complemented by a networking reception. To watch the panel discussions and view our Photo Gallery, please visit the event page here.

Mobile World Live (full event): GSMA Intelligence analysts were thrilled to participate in 10 live broadcasts with Mobile World Live throughout the week. Engaging with industry experts, our analysts covered a wealth of topics, from the economic impact of 5G to privacy and security in the age of intelligent connectivity. All of the tapings can be accessed from our Video Library, or on the Mobile World Live website.


Press Release: Mobile operators across Middle East set for global 5G leadership, according to new GSMA study

Dubai: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab States1 are set to be global leaders in the deployment of 5G networks, with all six markets expected to launch 5G mobile services in the next two years, according to two new reports released today at Mobile 360 Series – MENA. The reports from GSMA Intelligence – ‘The Mobile Economy: Middle East and North Africa 20182 and ‘5G in MENA: GCC operators set for global leadership – highlight that pioneering mobile operators in the GCC Arab States are expected to launch 5G networks commercially from 2019, driving innovative new services across the region and spurring future growth. By 2025, 5G will account for 16 per cent of total connections in these markets.

Full Article