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Open for Debate: Fixed Wireless Access vs. The Metaverse

FWA Vs Metaverse

Click here to Download: FWA vs Metaverse GSMAi Presentation2022 

In an increasingly digital world, operators are faced with a myriad of new strategic priorities to pursue and business opportunities to explore. Deciding where to put their time and attention (not to mention investment funds) requires an understanding of technology trajectories, customer demands, monetization options, and regulatory environments, not to mention the opportunity costs of NOT pursuing some markets.

As 5G has moved from its infancy into relative maturity, the GSMA Intelligence team has been exploring two such opportunities – Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and The Metaverse.

At first glance, the two spaces might seem completely different from one another. Fixed Wireless services have been offered for many years, with the core value proposition being simple connectivity. The Metaverse, on the other hand, is still an emerging concept which looks to leverage broadband connectivity to provide immersive experiences. Yet, both represent technology and service trends that operators need to understand, and opportunities they may want to pursue…or decide to actively ignore.

In this “Open for Debate” webinar series, GSMA Intelligence analysts explore key market trends to answer complex questions building on our research and insights from market experts. For this iteration, we discussed the FWA and Metaverse opportunities, including a number of key questions.

  • Why now. FWA services are not  new. The Metaverse is still very conceptual. Why are both getting so much focus in 2022?
  • Today’s FWA Opportunity. What’s the business case for 5G FWA? How (and when) can it improve an operator’s fixed broadband service offer?
  • Tomorrow’s Metaverse. What is the size of the potential Metaverse business opportunity? What parts of the opportunity can operators tap?
  • Risks, Regulations, and Dependencies. What could go wrong as operators pursue FWA or Metaverse strategies? How does regulation play a role?

In a world of infinite time and resources, operators would be able to pursue every potentially lucrative market opportunity that presents itself. In the real world, they need to make educated decisions about where to focus.


  • Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence
  • Radhika Gupta, Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence
  • Federico Agnoletto, Senior Economist, GSMA Intelligence
  • Kausik Ray Chaudhuri, Vice President, Technology, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Click here to Download: FWA vs Metaverse GSMAi Presentation2022 

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