SDxCentral: U.S. Mobile Operators Will Spend $100B on 5G by 2020, Study Says

The latest GSMA Intelligence report on 5G estimates that U.S. operators will spend about $100 billion (excluding spectrum acquisitions) between 2018 and 2020 on upgrading their LTE networks and investing in 5G.

That equates to about $33 billion per year and accounts for about 13 percent of mobile revenue per year during that time frame. However, expansion of 5G to a larger footprint, especially in rural areas, could require more capex than what is forecast in 2020, the group said.

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Mobile World Live at MWC 2018: Setting the Evolutionary Path to 5G

This is the official 2018 Mobile World Congress Americas website. We’re excited to start this journey with you, the event will be held in a few short months addressing North, Central and South American markets and highlighting innovation

Mark Giles, Lead Analyst, GSMA Intelligence; Dan Warren, Head of 5G Research, Samsung; Stuart Revell, External Engagement Advisor, 5GIC