State of the IoT market: Survey Dashboard

State of the IoT market:

Discover our Survey Dashboard

In 2020, GSMA Intelligence launched a survey to 2,800 enterprises, across 18 markets and 8 verticals, to measure their IoT deployments and future adoption plans, their technology and partnership requirements, their challenges to deploying new IoT solutions, and their measures of success.

Following from an in-depth analysis of our survey results, we developed an interactive dashboard, allowing users to easily navigate our granular survey data, broken down by country and vertical.

In this short video demo, Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst for GSMA Intelligence, walks you through some of the interesting findings and data snippets you can uncover from our survey dashboard, from the impact of Covid-19 on IoT deployments plans, to the status of already deployed IoT devices:

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Telenor IoT Gathering

This is a free event hosted by Telenor, which includes a presentation by GSMA Intelligence analyst Sylwia Kechiche. For more information, please visit the event website.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, offers great opportunities across industries. We have the pleasure of inviting you to an inspiring day where we show you the key to the future. The focus will be IoT and by meeting the players who have taken the technology into use you will gain insight into what exciting opportunities IoT offers.

GSMA Intelligence at MWC Barcelona 2019

GSMA Intelligence played an active role at MWC19 Barcelona with a large presence from our analyst team across all areas of the event. Please see our high-level agenda:

Sunday, 24 February 2019:

  • The 8th Mobile IoT Summit: For the first year, GSMA Intelligence demoed findings from our IoT Enterprise Survey and featured our large breadth of IoT research. Principal IoT Analyst Sylwia Kechiche was on-site, along with Head of Data Modelling Calum Dewar, to meet with industry attendees. The featured demo is available here.

Monday, 25 February 2019:

  • Official Launch of the Mobile Economy 2019: The GSMA Mobile Economy series provides the latest insights on the state of the mobile industry worldwide. Produced by our renowned in-house research team, GSMA Intelligence, these reports contain a range of technology, socio-economic and financial datasets, including forecasts out to 2025. Download the report here.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019:

  • Main Conference: ‘AI at the Edge vs in the Cloud’ , Moderated by Peter Jarich (Head of GSMA Intelligence): This session debated the prospects and use cases for AI at the edge vs in the cloud, and offered vital insight for operators who are developing implementation models. Find out more about this session here.
  • MWC in Focus: Hosted by GSMA Intelligence, in partnership with CNN, this event explored all the developments at #MWC19, and reflect on what it means for the year ahead. This session was complemented by a networking reception. To watch the panel discussions and view our Photo Gallery, please visit the event page here.

Mobile World Live (full event): GSMA Intelligence analysts were thrilled to participate in 10 live broadcasts with Mobile World Live throughout the week. Engaging with industry experts, our analysts covered a wealth of topics, from the economic impact of 5G to privacy and security in the age of intelligent connectivity. All of the tapings can be accessed from our Video Library, or on the Mobile World Live website.


Latest IoT Enterprise Survey Results Launched

GSMA Intelligence conducted an IoT Enterprise survey at the end of 2018, collecting insights from over 2,000 enterprises across 14 markets. The survey looked at companies of 20+ employees, in order to capture perspectives from both small and large enterprise.

The first survey results were featured in Mobile World Live’s Show Daily at MWC19 Barcelona. The infographic can be downloaded here. GSMA subscribers also have exclusive access to an in-depth analysis ‘IoT in business? The enterprise voice on the adoption choice’.

An interactive demo of a range of survey results is also publicly available on Tableau and was demoed at the 8th Mobile IoT Summit in Barcelona. Please email us for more information.

GSMA Intelligence @ CES 2019

In partnership with the GSMA Internet of Things programme, GSMA Intelligence is delighted to welcome you at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

In partnership with the GSMA Internet of Things programme, GSMA Intelligence is delighted to welcome you at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

Interested in meeting the newest innovators in Mobile IoT? Want to learn more about how mobile operators are driving new business opportunities in this space? Join us at the Mobile IoT Networking Reception to meet professionals from across the IoT ecosystem. You can also learn about GSMA Intelligence IoT data and analysis, and speak with our team of expert analysts.

To find out more about GSMA activities at CES 2019, please visit the IoT programme website.

We look forward to meeting you at CES 2019!

IoT World Forum 2019: Exploring New Verticals in the IoT Market

Sylwia Kechiche, Principal IoT Analyst, GSMA Intelligence is joining British Telecom, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Orange and SAP in the panel “Exploring New Verticals in IoT Market” at IoT World Forum 2018, moderating and sharing her insights of the key IoT technology, device and market development.

This session is organised by the GSMA IoT programme. For more information, visit their website.

Sylwia Kechiche, Principal IoT Analyst, GSMA Intelligence is joining British Telecom, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, Orange and SAP in the panel “Exploring New Verticals in IoT Market” at IoT World Forum 2018, moderating and sharing her insights of the key IoT technology, device and market development. The panel will take place on:


  • John Candish, Vice President IoT, SAP
  • Luc Savange, Vice President, Digital, Orange
  • Jon Carter, Head of Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom
  • Chris Sims, Manager Director, IoT, BT
  • Joseph Bradlly, Cisco

Verizon SVP pushes for purchases not partners

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS AMERICAS 2018: Striking partnerships for IoT launches and moves into vertical markets could restrict the long-term benefits from successful ventures, Verizon Connect SVP product strategy Jason Koch (pictured) warned, adding acquisition of companies already in the sector could potentially be a more lucrative strategy.

Koch, whose former company was one of several bought by the operator to form what is now the Verizon Connect telematics division, said although acquisition may be a better route to success in the IoT ecosystem, it was also a more challenging one.

“It’s easy to partner with a third party to bring a solution to market, you just give up a bunch of the value capture when you do it,” he said. “You also give up the future value that you may not understand what it is today – especially with software and technology that changes so quickly, you don’t really know what you have at this moment.”

Speaking at the GSMA Intelligence Americas Summit on the eve of Mobile World Congress Americas, the executive said when assessing acquisition targets, it was important to bring in those with a “full stack” solution in place rather than just the infrastructure.

He also warned operators that building solutions themselves may prove problematic.

“You see it all the time,” he noted. “Companies think they have a core competency so they try and build something. After they try, and sometimes fail, they think maybe that wasn’t their core competency so they partner with somebody.”

Koch concluded: “Every company has to pick their own strategy based on time to market, known quantity, established business case. The easiest decision and lowest risk decision is to go partner, it’s not always the best long term strategy.”

Press Release: Operators must look beyond connectivity to increase share of $1.1 trillion IoT revenue opportunity

This is the official 2018 Mobile World Congress Americas website. We’re excited to start this journey with you, the event will be held in a few short months addressing North, Central and South American markets

London: The global Internet of Things (IoT) market will be worth $1.1 trillion in revenue by 2025 as market value shifts from connectivity to platforms, applications and services, according to new data from GSMA Intelligence. By that point, there will be more than 25 billion IoT connections (cellular and non-cellular), driven largely by growth in the industrial IoT market. The Asia Pacific region is forecast to become the largest global IoT region in terms of both connections and revenue.

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