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At GSMA Intelligence, our research focus is evolving constantly, adding new insights as new technologies and trends reshape the industry. Our team of analysts attend, speak at and host global events to gather and share our insights across the mobile ecosystem. Covering the largest events in mobile, our analyst team is available to meet with on-site or for commentary through our Media Team.

LinkedIn Live: Securing Private Networks in the 5G era

Experts from GSMA Intelligence, Trend Micro, Neutroon and Contour Networks discuss insights from a survey of a hundred operators on private networks, 5G and security and the role of ecosystem collaboration

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Open for Debate: is Private Wireless meaningless without Edge?

GSMA Intelligence hosts Dell Technologies to discuss what edge is, where it is located and whether 5G edge can help enterprises digitise faster

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Going green: can 5G be energy efficient?

GSMA, GSMA Intelligence analysts and operators discuss how networks consume energy, the innovations available to develop more sustainable models, and how to measure progress towards greener networks

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5G Blitz Week: Summer edition: 5G manufacturing

Sylwia Kechiche joins Fierce Wireless to discuss the benefits of 5G for smart manufacturing and the challenges that remain for telcos to deliver fully automated, reliable and secure networks

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Fortinet Fast & Secure 2021: “5G era challenges vs opportunities”

GSMA Intelligence joins Fortinet's Fast & Secure 2021 digital cybersecurity event to highlight 5G's opportunities and challenges for operators, enterprises and societies

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MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT – Private Networks

Register: Tuesday, 13 July - 11:00 BST With 24 billion IoT connections forecasted by 2025, IoT is scaling rapidly, enabling enterprises to transform digitally and achieve new ways of working. According to our Enterprise in Focus survey, 22% of enterprises require localised coverage. Operators have understood the opportunity, and 68% already offer private wireless networks, with the remaining planning on doing so by 2025. Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst for IoT & Enterprise at GSMA Intelligence, will join MEF Connects' webinar…

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MWC21: Connected Impact with GSMA Intelligence

Join GSMA Intelligence and industry experts for a series of live sessions on connected industries, network automation & more at MWC21

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Dell Technologies: Telecom Transformation Event

GSMA Intelligence joins Dell Technologies for a special online event on the 5G opportunity for CSPs

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Empower the Edge with 5G and AI for IoT

GSMA Intelligence joins KORE and Inseego to discuss the 5G, Edge and AI era in IoT and how it applies to various business cases

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How edge AI services benefit the retail sector

Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst for IoT & Enterprise at GSMA Intelligence, will join MEF and fellow industry experts for an interactive webinar to explore the benefits of Edge AI for retail use cases

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GSMA Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile industry insights, forecasts and research, used around the world. Our insights cover every mobile operator, network and MVNO in every country worldwide – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Our team of analysts and experts use their deep understanding of markets, technologies and regulatory issues to identify and understand mobile trends, and form captivating analysis on the topics shaping the mobile industry.

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