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Open for debate: OSS or BSS: which is most critical to 5G success?

Register: Thursday, 6 August – 16:00 BST 

It is well-understood that 5G is about much more than faster connectivity. It’s about new network capabilities, driving new services…ultimately helping operators generate new revenues. But, lost in so much of the conversation around innovative 5G use cases is a very basic reality – monetizing 5G will require new operations and business support system (OSS/BSS) innovations and investments.

New services cannot succeed without new billing models as well as new ways of ensuring and proving that critical network capabilities are actually being delivered. To be sure, OSS/BSS assets have been critical to 2G, 3G, and 4G. But if 5G is truly about new use cases supported by new network capabilities, they are more important than ever. But, in a world of lean operations and capital constraints, operators are still left with a question: how should they be thinking about where to allocate their investments?

In this session, you will learn:

  • How today’s OSS/BSS decisions determine 5G RoI
  • How new 5G network architectures and service capabilities change the equation
  • Which “back office” investments are most likely to pay off in a world of capital constraints and tight budgets

Our speakers:

  • Alla Goldner, Director, Technology, Strategy & Standardization, Amdocs
  • John Green, Senior Manager, Product Management, CSG
  • Marc Price, CTO, Matrixx Software
  • Maxim Nartov, Business Development Director, Nexign
  • Leonard Sheahan, Senior Director, Oracle Communications
  • Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence

Register: Thursday 6, August – 16:00 BST


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