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GSMA Advance: 5G — The Path to the Next Generation

Online Training Course: 5G – The Path to the Next Generation

GSMA Advance 


The mobile industry is embarking on the transition to fifth generation (5G) technology, which builds on the achievements of 4G while also creating new opportunities for innovation. 5G is ushering in a new era that will see connectivity become increasingly fluid and flexible.

This four-week course covers the key aspects of 5G technology and examines the role industry, governments and regulators can play in helping unlock the benefits of future 5G services for consumers and businesses.

Course objectives

  • Learn about the underlying technologies and concepts associated with 5G.
  • Discover the key differences between 5G and previous generations of mobile technology.
  • Understand the role operators, governments and regulators play in helping accelerate the development of 5G technology and services in their countries.

The benefits for you and your organisation

  • Learn about the technology that makes 5G different from previous generations of mobile technology
  • Understand how 5G will impact business models in the telecoms industry
  • Gain detailed knowledge of how 5G networks are being deployed and the benefits and limitations of different deployment options
  • Have new insights into 5G and electromagnetic fields and the latest research into this topic
  • Gain a solid understanding of the policy and regulatory considerations associated with 5G technology and services


  • Barbara Pareglio, Technical Director & Capabilities Director, Internet of Things Program, GSMA
  • Andrea Guajardo, Moderator, Partnerships and Delivery Manager, GSMA


  • 20% discount available on this course for GSMA Members



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