Going green: energy efficiency in telecoms

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Sustained cost pressures and commitments to net zero in support of the 2015 Paris Agreement have made energy efficiency a strategic priority for many telecoms operators around the world, as the telecoms industry currently accounts for 2-3% of global energy consumption.

This is a long-term story. As mobile data traffic continues to grow dramatically with the rise of LTE smartphones and the expansion of 5G, energy consumption is consequently increasing. To date, energy represents between 15 and 40% of operators’ OPEX, and this is forecast to increase in the coming years.

It comes as no surprise that 92% of the operators we surveyed in 2021 see sustainability and energy efficiency as very or extremely important to their network transformation strategy:

To help provide an evidence base for measuring the industry’s progress in reducing network energy emissions, GSMA and GSMA Intelligence partnered with a group of seven operators to develop an Energy Efficiency Benchmarking tool, and a detailed report.

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We will launch the next edition of our Energy Efficiency Benchmarking project in January 2022, and you have the opportunity to get involved!

Insights from our project and research will uncover:

  • Energy efficiency ratios
  • Fuel sources (renewables, diesel, traditional grid)
  • Distribution of electricity consumption (RAN/core/datacentres)

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  • Our data and report will support your energy strategy and help drive your energy costs down
  • This will provide you with an industry benchmark
  • You will benefit from the industry visibility linked to the promotion of the report and insights

What do you have to do?

Attend monthly meetings with our GSMA Intelligence analysts. The data collected from these meetings will be fully anonymous and will provide a basis to build a detailed report.

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