Radar report: Green networks: the energy efficiency imperative

November 2021 Radar

GSMA Intelligence and Mobile World Live partnered to bring a new Radar series to the industry, focusing on the impact of new technologies in the mobile and wider TMT sectors. The series includes a full in-depth report and live events, to offer our partners the opportunity to position themselves as thought-leaders.

The November edition will focus on the telecoms industry imperative to reduce energy emissions
The telecoms industry accounts for 2-3% of total global energy consumption; its own path to net zero will play a significant role in helping nations do the same at a country, and ultimately global, level. There is also a financial rationale. Energy takes up 20-40% of opex and as data traffic rises in the 5G era, costs will increase further short of interventions and large-scale shift to renewables.

Numerous telcos have already announced energy efficiency programmes and publicly reported-on targets to become carbon neutral. Various measures and innovations in network equipment from vendors are fast emerging to aid this transition by optimising RAN performance, such as smarter cooling systems, AI-driven sleep states, and lithium ion batteries.

With this context, we will explore several key questions:

  • How has the strategic and economic logic to become more energy efficient changed for operators?
  • How can today’s networks be upgraded to become more energy efficient?
  • How are new innovations allowing tomorrow’s networks to be the most efficient ever?
  • What is the importance and role of “data pipelines” and real-time analytics for optimising networks’ energy consumption?
  • Which mobile and digital technologies have the most viability to spur decarbonisation for other industries at scale
    over the next 10 years to 2030?
  • What are the delivery and implementation models for telcos, vendors, and other suppliers to vertical sector partners?
  • What are the key barriers still to overcome and what immediate steps can the industry take?

Answering these questions (and more), GSMA Intelligence will deliver a comprehensive assessment and body of insights.

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In partnership with the GSMA Internet of Things programme, GSMA Intelligence is delighted to welcome you at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, USA.

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