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Datapoint – MWC Las Vegas Preview

Datapoint - MWC Las Vegas Preview

As we count down the days to MWC Las Vegas 2023, join our experts Tim Hatt and Peter Jarich as they sit down to discuss the upcoming event. Gain valuable insights into what’s in store and why this event is a must-attend for anyone in the mobile technology industry.

Meet the Hosts:

  • Peter Jarich – Head of GSMA Intelligence
  • Tim Hatt – Head of Research and Consulting

In the lead-up to this year’s MWC in Las Vegas, our analysts provide you with a sneak peek into the exciting topics and trends that will be in the spotlight:

  1. 5G Monetisation: Explore innovative strategies for capitalising on the 5G revolution and its impact on businesses.
  2. Enterprise Transformation: Dive into the digitization story and learn how it’s reshaping enterprises across the globe.
  3. Sustainability: Discover how sustainability is taking center stage in the mobile technology ecosystem and its implications for the industry.
  4. Non-Terrestrial Networks: Get ahead of the curve by exploring new network models and partnerships beyond our terrestrial boundaries.

Analyst Insights: Unveiling the 2024 Global Mobile Trends 2024 report – full recording and slides

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Energy Efficiency Benchmark – Recording and Slides

Recording of GSMA Intelligence’s energy efficiency benchmark launch at #mwc24, including experts from Nokia, Turkcell, Telenor, Ericsson and McKinsey & Company. You can access the energy benchmark report here. Agenda: … Continue reading “Energy Efficiency Benchmark – Recording and Slides”

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Sustainability Summit at MWC24 – Full recording and slides

The sustainability summit hosted by GSMA Intelligence invited industry experts to explore energy efficiency, sustainability, and circularity. Access the full three-hour recording and accompanying slides from the Sustainability Summit.

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