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Energy Efficiency Benchmark – Recording and Slides

Telecom Energy Benchmark Report

Recording of GSMA Intelligence’s energy efficiency benchmark launch at #mwc24, including experts from Nokia, Turkcell, Telenor, Ericsson and McKinsey & Company. You can access the energy benchmark report here.


Opening Presentation (10 min) from GSMA Intelligence

Panel Discussion (20 min) with Nokia, Ericsson, Telenor and Turkcell

Fireside (15 min) from GSMA Intelligence and McKinsey & Company

What is the benchmark?

GSMA Intelligence launched its Mobile Energy Efficiency Benchmarking project in 2020. The benchmark relies on fully anonymised, real-world data inputs to quantify network energy consumption, efficiency levels, and fuel sources. Operator participation has steadily increased each year, resulting in a unique, globally relevant dataset on energy efficiency. The project has uncovered previously unmeasured data points and provided insights into sustainability trends, technologies, and best practices.

GSMA Intelligence acknowledges the 17 operator groups that participated in the project, contributing data from 65 networks across 59 countries. These operators, serving nearly 1.6 billion mobile connections globally, actively engaged in workshops and provided valuable insights for the report, representing 19% of total cellular connections worldwide.

Slides from Tim Hatt

Featured speakers:

Tim Hatt, Head Of Research & Consulting, GSMA Intelligence

Emanuel Kolta, Lead Analyst, Network Sustainability and Innovation, GSMA Intelligence

Francesca Sartori, Head of Sustainability Research and Standardization, Nokia

Noelia Lopez, Marketing Director – Sustainability & Energy Performance, Ericsson

Ferry Christiaan Grijpink, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Nemanja Vucevic, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Yildiray Orenekli, Network Infrastructure Associate Director, Turkcell

Johannes Bjelland, Senior Researcher, Telenor Group

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