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Open for debate: does messaging still matter in a 5G world?

Register – Friday, 12 March – 14:00 GMT

5G promises to enable a myriad of exciting, new uses cases that will change the way we live and work.

But, in a 5G world, we cannot take for granted the foundational communications services which have been with us for years, such as messaging. 90% of 5G users, after all, are active SMS users* and messaging will, doubtless, continue to be important for the foreseeable future. So how should we expect it to evolve in a 5G world?

  • Do 5G capabilities open up new messaging opportunities for operators?
  • Can RCS be the de facto 5G messaging platform? Can 5G help to drive renewed RCS momentum?
  • B2B and enterprise transformation has been flagged as a prime 5G value prop. Which verticals would benefit most from 5G messaging and how can those be monetised?

Join GSMA Intelligence and experts from across the 5G ecosystem for this new Mobile World Live Themed Week panel where we will discuss the shape of messaging services in a 5G world, the role operators will play, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Our speakers: 

  • Martin Pepp, RBM Product Management, Deutsche Telekom Group
  • Alex Nourouzi, Communication Services Product Marketing Director, Orange
  • Brian Beach, Director of Product Management, Syniverse
  • Jason Tu, Principal Architect of 5G Core Network & Telco Cloud, ZTE

Register – Friday, 12 March – 14:00 GMT

*According to our 2020 GSMA Intelligence Consumer in Focus survey


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