Webinar: The B2B opportunity in the 5G era: are operators moving outside their comfort zone?

Wednesday 27 May – 10:00am GMT (with Vodafone Business) – Register
Tuesday 2 June – 10:00am ET (with Verizon Business Group) – Register

B2B accounts for about 30% of operator revenues on average. That’s a significant contribution, but much of it comes from traditional communications services (e.g. connectivity). A new enterprise story is needed in the 5G era to drive future growth – one that targets the digital transformation of industries and enterprises. Getting the capabilities and the business models in place to fully service enterprises will take time, but the journey needs to start now. In this new webinar, the GSMA Intelligence team will share the key findings from their research on the B2B opportunity and what they mean for operators and other industry stakeholders.

The webinar includes three main sessions, followed by Q&A.

Part 1 – Operator B2B revenue 
Building on the financial results of a selected range of operators (from the US, Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific), we will examine how far operators have gone on B2B, what’s the contribution of enterprise services to operator revenues, and what are the key drivers of growth and challenges. We will also look at how operators are adjusting their organisational models to better serve enterprise requirements.

Part 2 – Operator B2B plans and strategies
Drawing from key findings of our unique survey of 100 operators worldwide, we will examine operators latest B2B plans and strategies, including fresh insights on which vertical sectors are expected to provide the largest opportunity and the timelines for scale, looking at the capabilities required and go-to-market patterns, on both global and regional levels.

Part 3 – Fireside chat with guest speaker
Exclusively for this webinar, and complementing our presentations on operator B2B results and strategies, the GSMA Intelligence team are bringing an external guest speaker, from an operator background, to discuss their B2B plans and views on the future outlook for the enterprise opportunity. Questions to our guest speaker will evolve around 3 main topics:

  • How is your company targeting the B2B opportunity (current strategies, plans, investments)?
  • What are the key learnings and challenges so far?
  • How will 5G help operators increase their B2B revenues, and which vertical sectors offer the largest opportunities?
  • Are private networks a threat or an opportunity?

Our speakers:
Yiru Zhong – Lead Analyst, IoT & Enterprise Research, GSMA Intelligence
Pablo Iacopino – Director of Ecosystem Research, GSMA Intelligence
Sylwia Kechiche (Moderator) – Principal Analyst, IoT & Enterprise, GSMA Intelligence

Exclusively joined by:

  • Wednesday, 27 May: Jennifer Didoni – Head of Cloud Portfolio, Vodafone Business 
  • Tuesday, 2 June: Kim Fisher Warren – Strategy Director, Verizon Business Group (bio accessible here

Wednesday 27 May – 10:00am GMT (with Vodafone Business) – Register
Tuesday 2 June – 10:00am ET (with Verizon Business Group) – Register


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