MWC Shanghai Recording – Introduction to 5G mWave: State of the Market & What to Expect Next

Over the last year, in the wake of recent deployments, there has been considerable global progress in 5G mmWave technology.  5G mmWave promises the potential to offer huge benefits to businesses and consumers by delivering significant improvements to bandwidth, speed and responsiveness, particularly in densely populated and high-capacity areas, such as public transport hubs like airports and train stations, entertainment venues and sport stadiums.

Watch the recording from MWC Shanghai 2023, with Pau Castells from GSMA Intelligence from the 5G Futures Summit Session 1 – 5G mmWave: Accelerating the Power of 5G.

Data Point – The Role of Drones in the Development of our Future Economy & Society

Drones are primed to be a key asset in the development of our future economy –part of the 5G contribution of 5% to GDP by 2030 – and society. Success requires advanced communications (such as 4G/5G), technological development, commercial demand and investment – but also clear and workable regulation.

How do the leading countries compare on their readiness score for drone success? And, what can be done for nations further behind to catch up?

Tim Hatt – Head of Research and Consulting, GSMA Intelligence

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Data point – The Impact of ICT Investments on the digital economy

The Impact of ICT Investments on the digital economy By 2030, 5G alone is expected to result in an additional global GDP value-add of US $960 Billion.

GSMA Intelligence’s latest research, made in collaboration with The Economist Studios and Huawei, examines the impact of ICT investments on the economy, outlining the vital role of mobile technology in driving economic growth and reshaping industries.

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New Video Series: How to Optimize Your GSMA Intelligence Membership

We’re excited to launch a new series of short videos to help you make the most out of your GSMA Intelligence subscription. Compiled here are list of tutorial videos that explain how you and your team can optimize your experience with our data, platform and tools, as well as share some tips and tricks along the way.

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Fireside chat: The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity 2021

For the first time, more than half of the world’s population are using mobile internet. Coverage also continues to increase, with 94% of the population now covered by a mobile broadband network.

However, 43% of the world’s population is still not using mobile internet despite living within the footprint of a mobile broadband network, and the unconnected disproportionately live in low- and middle-income countries.

It is now time to move the conversation beyond matters of basic connectivity and address the barriers to mobile internet adoption and use, such as digital literacy, digital skills, and handsets affordability.

Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist at GSMA Intelligence, joins Simon Kemp, CEO of Kepios, to deep dive into the findings of The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity 2021 report, discuss the trends in global connectivity and the progress towards closing the coverage and usage gaps.

Forbes: AI For Mobile – New Solutions To Speed Up Performance

More than 5 billion people around the world have a mobile phone connection, according to a recent study by GSMA Intelligence. We can’t imagine our lives without mobile phones, which are gradually turning from convenient everyday tools into things like medical devices. It’s not surprising that many companies are developing AI tools for mobile devices.

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