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Dennisa Nichiforov-Chuang<br/>Lead Analyst, Spectrum

Dennisa Nichiforov-Chuang
Lead Analyst, Spectrum

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Our Spectrum data
Actionable data for your business strategy
At GSMA Intelligence, we have a dedicated team tracking operators' spectrum assignments, license duration and obligations, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive repository of spectrum data on the market:
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Historical & global

200 countries, 1120 operators worldwide, from 1980 to today

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Fast forward

Helps identity market trends and opportunities driven by 5G

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Updated weekly

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Sets the basis for understanding future spectrum availabilities and plans

Our Spectrum insights
Data put into context
Getting detailed, comprehensive and timely insights on spectrum developments is critical to driving any successful business in the mobile industry. Our GSMA Intelligence subscribers get exclusive access to our quarterly spectrum deep dive reports, outlining the latest developments in the spectrum world, and the key trends to watch going forward. These insights cover:
Spectrum developments for the nascent 5G ecosystem and previous generation networks
Past and future spectrum assignments, auctions, network launches, spectrum refarming and network sunsets
Spectrum trends, pricing and regulations
Spectrum Navigator tool
All our spectrum data in one user-friendly and comprehensive dashboard
Our dashboard provides users with endless possibilities to interact with our spectrum data. Some of the dashboard features include:
Custom search for spectrum assigned by frequency band with granular view per region, country and operator
Data and tabs format for a quick understanding of license duration and obligations
Dedicated section on current and future auctioning plans
The industry speaks
"Currently, we must consult several sources to get the spectrum holdings or auction details for other operators in different regions. And, while web searches might only detail the band, we are interested in the complete picture" -
Senior Executive, global mobile operator
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GSMA Intelligence is the definitive source of mobile industry insights, forecasts and research, used around the world. Our insights cover every mobile operator, network and MVNO in every country worldwide – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Our team of analysts and experts use their deep understanding of markets, technologies and regulatory issues to identify and understand mobile trends, and form captivating analysis on the topics shaping the mobile industry.

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