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October 2019

In this quarter, we explore how the notion of openness is pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in AI, as well as how the concept is potentially failing in the area of equality. We look at possible solutions to this problem and consider whether more radical approaches will lead to a broader democratisation of AI and machine learning.

Following this, we study how network automation is fast becoming a long-term strategic priority for mobile network operators, which will allow operators to transition to a more customer-centric position, supported by new innovative solutions and tailored offerings.

The next topic examines the structural change that operators will undergo because of virtualisation, AI and automation. We identify the sharp increase in demand there will be for technological expertise as operators transform into software-driven organisations and analyse the potential of reskilling to meet this demand.

In our infographic we lift the lid on explainable AI, taking a look at how it presents a solution to the inherent ‘black box’ nature of many AI solutions.

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