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The contribution of IoT to economic growth

Modelling the impact on business productivity

Many governments across the world are concerned about the development of economic productivity. Traditionally, the advent of industrial revolutions has spurred a new period of significant economic growth. As we enter the next industrial revolution, the Internet of Things has the potential to drive productivity across many industries.

This latest report from GSMA Intelligence sets out the economic benefits that IoT can bring to business productivity. The analysis is based on enterprises’ reported cost savings from the recent GSMA Intelligence IoT Enterprise Survey, which covered over 2,000 respondents across 14 countries. According to the analysis, IoT increases productivity by as much as 0.2% of GDP already. The report sets out how this contribution is expected to grow over time, and how this breaks down by sector verticals. The report also explores how the adoption of IoT can benefit developing economies as well as developed regions.

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