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Digital transformation in Tanzania

The role of mobile technology and impact on development goals

Tanzania is undergoing a digital transformation, reflected by the growing number of people connected to communications and internet services. This is having a profound impact on the country’s social, cultural and economic frameworks, through enhanced access to key services and improved productivity and efficiency across economic sectors.

Mobile technology is at the centre of Tanzania’s digital transformation. Mobile services today connect more people in the country than any other communications technology, with around 42% of the population subscribing to a mobile service in 2018. Mobile internet penetration has nearly quadrupled since 2010 to 18.5%, with more than 8 million new mobile internet subscribers added over that period.

This report highlights four important contributions the mobile industry is making to Tanzania’s development goals: access to key services; productivity and efficiency; contribution to economic growth and social development; and good governance.

The report explores further opportunities emerging for mobile to help Tanzania realise its goals. These require a collaborative approach by all stakeholders – the government, development organisations, private sector players, civil society organisations and the mobile industry.

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