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December 2018

This edition of the Radar comes at the end of 2018 – a year of significant advancement in AI and blockchain, rollercoaster activity in crypto, the first trillion dollar company (Apple), and broader network transformation towards the edge. For telcos, 5G is nearly a reality.

In this edition, we look at the following:

  • The traditional network model for operators is shifting away from sole ownership (vertical integration) to shared and/or leased access. On the cusp of 5G, what might a future, more diverse network landscape look like? Full stack, hybrid wholesale/retail, and the advent of private networks are all in play. We examine how the prevailing ‘asset-heavy’ network model will be replaced by a more diverse range of network options, with a host of new competitors.

  • Changing consumer behaviour, the growth of online shopping and the entry of digital players into the market have altered the workings of the traditional grocery supply chain. We analyse these key drivers for change, the role of innovative start-ups at both ends of the industry and the ways technology and data are being utilised to ensure food traceability, make distribution more efficient, optimise procurement decisions and transform the store experience.

  • Urban transport is in the early stages of a structural change towards shared or rented access models and autonomous vehicles. The ride-sharing model pioneered by Uber continues to spur further competing platforms and greater consumer take-up. Low-speed EVs (LSEVs) are an emerging category created from scratch by Bird and Lime in the form of scooters and bicycles. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will reach commercial deployments for logistics use cases in three to five years, potentially sooner. How does the next 10 years play out?

  • In our final in-graphics chapter, we look at the nascent reshaping of the investment management sector. AI underpins a new generation of more intelligent roboadvisors. Tech-savvy investors have the prospect of enjoying personalised customer relationships and will be able to create their own investment portfolio by articulating their life plans through voice-enabled smart interfaces.

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