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Consumer Insights: Evaluating mobile engagement

GSMA Intelligence is today publishing its latest research on how consumer behaviour is continually evolving as devices get smarter, services grow richer and societies become more connected.

With mobile now reaching over 5 billion people across the world, it is becoming increasingly important to measure and understand how consumers are interacting with their devices. The GSMA Intelligence Consumer Insights series takes results from our global consumer survey, providing insight into how people around the world engage with their mobile devices, from traditional communications to social, entertainment and financial services. This first report, Evaluating mobile engagement, highlights how behaviour varies between countries, regions and consumer groups, and identifies the opportunities for driving future engagement.

This report includes the GSMA Global Mobile Engagement Index (GMEI) which, based on the usage patterns of 50,000 survey respondents across 50 countries, helps interpret engagement levels among smartphone and non-smartphone owners across an array of use cases and services.

Understanding what makes mobile users unique in any given country today, and how demand is going to evolve tomorrow, is key to anticipating future growth and challenges.

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