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5G in China: Outlook and regional comparisons

GSMA Intelligence is today publishing its report that focuses on the outlook for 5G in China. The analysis makes comparisons with other leading markets in the region, including Japan and South Korea. It explores the near-term outlook for testing and commercial launches, and potential use cases in the consumer and enterprise segments, as well as presenting forecasts for the number of 5G connections and the key future challenges. It follows earlier analysis published by the GSMA (The 5G Era: Age of boundless connectivity and intelligent automation), which set out the five high-level goals for the 5G era, based on feedback from an extensive survey of 750 operator CEOs and other industry stakeholders.

This report has been produced through collaboration between GSMA Intelligence and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT). It combines market research and survey feedback from a number of operators and other ecosystem players in China, South Korea and Japan.

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