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2018 Consumer Survey Results Launched

The 2018 Global Consumer Survey has built on previous surveys to uncover and validate changes in consumer behaviour patterns, with a particular focus on mobile ownership, usage and engagement.

The Survey supports the creation of proprietary industry indicators by the GSMA and the production of a wide range of reports across several GSMA departments/programmes, including the annual Mobile Gender Gap and the Mobile Economy report. 

The survey fieldwork took place between July and October 2018 across 34 countries worldwide, representing around 75% of the global population. The sample size included 1,000 respondents per country, with the exception of China and India where the sample size was 2000. Of the 34 countries, the 18 developing countries were surveyed face to-face while the 16 developed countries were surveyed online. To ensure a nationally representative distribution of interview subjects quotas set included age, gender, urban vs rural, region/ state, and socio-economic classifications.

Publications featuring the consumer survey results:

  • The Mobile Economy China 2019
  • The mobile gender gap report 2019
  •  eSIM: the road ahead
  • The Mobile Economy 2019
  • Chatterbox: the changing face of smart speakers (Spotlight)
  • Infographic: What will 5G deliver?
  • Infographic: All eyes on mobile content 
  • Infographic: The rise of smart home 
  • Future of Devices: smartphones, AI, immersion and beyond (Deep Dive)
  • Global 5G Landscape (Q4 2018)

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Spectrum Navigator: a new tool to inform your spectrum decisions

Spectrum insights are more important than ever: Spectrum is the lifeblood of mobile services. Getting detailed, comprehensive and timely insights on spectrum developments is critical to: Keep abreast of the latest trends shaping the future of network launches and network technology Inform your mobile network and device product development Size your market opportunity and gain … Continue reading “Spectrum Navigator: a new tool to inform your spectrum decisions”

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IoT connections update: impact of Covid-19 on our forecast

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, GSMA Intelligence has updated its forecast dataset, outlining the impact of the crisis on IoT connections growth, for the 2010-2021 period. A few key findings: GSMA Intelligence forecasts that total IoT connections will double between 2019 and 2025, reaching 24 billion, a slower rate growth compared to our December … Continue reading “IoT connections update: impact of Covid-19 on our forecast”

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