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“The new telco battleground”

In this article by Capacity Media, Tim Hatt, Head of Research at GSMA Intelligence, discusses the shifting competitive and collaborative landscapes between telcos and cloud companies, in an effort to drive growth from digital in the advent of 5G. In a new reality, operators will need to adapt their models,operations and infrastructures to become both partners and competitors to cloud giants, themselves fighting their own battles.

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“Telecom operators need a clear proposition to drive revenue growth in B2B space”

The 5G era is driving renewed interest for operators to target enterprises on their digital transformation journeys, and build the business models and solutions to capture growth from B2B opportunities. This article by Tech Radar leverages key insights from our recent webinar: “B2B opportunity in the 5G era”, and explains how operators are building their … Continue reading ““Telecom operators need a clear proposition to drive revenue growth in B2B space””

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“Five things to look out for in Apple’s earnings”

Our GSMA Intelligence data and survey insights leveraged in a preview article by the Financial Times on Apple’s quarterly earnings: “Five things to look out for in Apple’s earnings”. We discuss the impact of Covid-19 on Apple’s US handset sales and how the company is future proofing their business services in regions with high smartphone … Continue reading ““Five things to look out for in Apple’s earnings””

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Lo más destacado del CES 2020

El CES 2020 ha terminado. Durante los seis días que he pasado en Las Vegas, he tenido la suerte de contemplar muchos aspectos del panorama de Internet de las Cosas y del ecosistema tecnológico en sentido más amplio. He caminado más de 100 kilómetros (ya sé que no es ningún récord, pero en algunos momentos … Continue reading “Lo más destacado del CES 2020”

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