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Please use this form to submit your Purchase Order number to us (if you require one) no later than Tuesday 23 January 2024.

Please also let us know of any updates to contact information within your company. Please note that the invoice will be sent directly to the finance contact only so it is crucial that this information is correct. If you require more than one invoice contact, then please add this in the comments section.

Please complete this form to submit your PO. Frequently asked questions can be found below.

PO Confirmation

Entity Details

Bank Details

Name (Beneficiary)GSMA Advisory Services Ltd
Bank Name – HSBC UK Bank PLC
Bank Address – 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HQ, United Kingdom
Account Number – 51875892
Sort Code – 40-05-01
Swift – HBUKGB4B
Bank Account Currency – Great British Pound 

PO Amount

If you are unable to confirm any of the above details match the GSMA invoice, we will be unable to accept the PO. Please contact [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the invoice be issued in a different currency?

The invoicing amount and currency is determined by the contract which means that, unfortunately, we are unable to change the currency of the invoice.

Can we pay the invoice in a different currency?

The payment must be made in accordance with the invoice. This means that you cannot pay in a different currency. If there are exceptional restrictions which prevent you from doing so, please contact [email protected] for further advice.

Where do we find the correct bank account details for payment of the invoice(s)?

The correct bank account details relating to the service will be displayed on your invoice. Please check your invoice and the bank account details carefully.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred method is wire transfer. We do not accept cheques. If you are experiencing any difficulties sending a wire transfer, please advise us and we may be able to offer you a credit card payment option.

We need a pro forma invoice; can you issue one?

We are unable to issue pro forma invoices.

We have a pricing discrepancy; where do we submit the query?

In case of any pricing queries, please contact your account manager.

Can our company name and/or address be updated on the invoice?

You should advise us at the earliest opportunity if your company details have changed. Once the invoice is issued it cannot be amended.

We will communicate with you prior to your annual renewal, this would be a good opportunity to advise us of any recent company detail changes.

We have our own Code of Conduct/ Terms and Conditions; will the GSMA sign them?

Unfortunately, we are not able to sign any of our customers’ Code of Conduct due to potential clashes with our own terms and conditions, as agreed to your contract.

Please note that we have our own Anti-Bribery, Anti-Corruption policy. You can view all of our legal policies at

Our supplier payments are handled by a third party; can you address the invoices to them?

The addressee of the invoice must always be with whom we hold the contract. We are currently unable to support requests for invoices to be addressed to any third party.

What happens if we accidentally paid in the wrong currency or to the incorrect bank account?

Please contact [email protected] immediately. We will be able to confirm if and where the payment was received. Please note that should there be an underpayment as a result, you shall be liable to pay the difference. If your payment was sent to someone other than the GSMA due to fraud, it is your responsibility to recover the funds. The GSMA cannot be held responsible, and you will still have an obligation to pay by the invoice due date whilst you recover the funds.

Why does our invoice contain a WHT gross up?

Due to our company tax-exempt status as a non-profit trade association, we are unable to reclaim any WHT deductions made on our invoices. Our terms and conditions state that invoices must be paid in full without deductions of any kind and therefore, your invoice will be grossed up by the percentage of WHT applicable.

We require a PO number quoted on the invoice; can you add this?

If you require a PO to be quoted on the invoice, we require the PO number to be advised in advance in order to issue the invoice.

The PO deadline has been communicated in the renewal communication.

It is important to note that we are unable to issue your renewal invoice if the PO has not been provided in time.

Please ensure that your PO is:

• Registered to the correct entity as per any signed contract with GSMA
• Issued with the correct currency and denomination
• Membership – GSM Association in the UK
• GSMA Intelligence & GSMA Device Database – GSMA Ltd in the USA

To avoid any delays to your renewal please ensure POs are raised correctly and submitted by the deadline date.

Communications for PO approvals will be sent in good time for these to be reviewed, raised and approved. Any PO issued after the invoice has been issued will not result in a new invoice being raised, and no invoice date can be amended.

Can I change the date of my invoice?

No invoice dates can be amended once issued.

Once raised, invoices are legal documents that are final, and any request to change an invoice date to match a PO will not be supported. This falsifies accounting not just for the GSMA, but also your internal accounting team which could lead to fines for both parties.

What happens if we require our invoice to be submitted via a portal?

If you require your invoice to be submitted on a portal please advise which one and check that you are already connected to the GSMA on that portal. If not already connected, please provide a connection link to [email protected] stating the GSMA Entity.

Can we have one GSMA invoice for all products/services?

We are, unfortunately, unable to facilitate this request. If you are subscribed to more than one service, then you shall receive a separate invoice for each one.

What happens if we do not pay my invoice on time?

Failure to settle your invoice(s) by the due date may result in suspension. You may also incur late payment interest charges as per the terms and conditions. Once suspended it will not be reactivated until full payment is received including payment of any interest.

Who can help with billing or payment queries?

For any billing queries please contact [email protected]
For any payment queries please contact [email protected]


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