Green is Good for Business

This three-part series from GSMA Intelligence in partnership with Huawei on the technological and business implications of sustainability in the telecoms industry.

The research aims to give an evidence-based view of why going green makes business sense – and how this can be done effectively. The analysis comprises three areas:

  1. Overall rationale and outlook
  2. The financial case
  3. The reputational and external relations case.

“On costs, energy is still 20-40% of telco opex, and reducing this by 10-20% can feed through to an EBITDA uplift of 2-4%. On the revenue side, we see opportunities from green-linked tariffs, trade-ins and the sale of renewables” Tim Hatt, Head of Consulting at GSMA Intelligence

Part 1 – Green is good for business: embedding sustainability in digital transformation

The analysis presents an evidence-based view of why going green makes business sense, and how this can be done effectively as part of sustainable digital transformation. GSMA Intelligence commissioned new global consumer and enterprise surveys to complement its own data analysis. The research covers the financial and reputational case for going green beyond the fundamental environmental urgency.

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Part 2 – Green is good for business: making the financial case in telecoms

The financial case for going green in telecoms is about lower costs and higher revenues. Sustainable products that help environmental outcomes and reduce costs will be central to successful commercial performance. Costs are a focal point, as energy is still a stubbornly high burden on profit and loss, at 20-40% of opex for the average operator.

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Part 3Green is good for business: the reputational case in telecoms

The focus of this report is reputation (directly related to brand strength) and external relations, and how perceptions among all touchpoints for telecoms operators –  including consumers, enterprise customers, employees, suppliers and investors – are realigning towards a green set of priorities.

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The Research

To bring new insights to the debate, GSMA Intelligence commissioned two surveys – one of consumers and one of enterprise sectors. The consumer survey covers 16 countries, each with 500 respondents. The enterprise survey covers six vertical industries, each with a sample of 100 respondents worldwide. Fieldwork was conducted during December 2022 and January 2023.

Data Point Videos

Explore the related Data Points from our team of expert analysis, gain some valuable insights into the data driving this report series.


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